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Company Policy concerning Profit Distribution

NIPRO believes that returning profit to shareholders is one of the most important and effective management measures.

We intend to strengthen the foundation of each of the Development, Production, and Sales Departments from a long-term perspective, and strive to increase NIPRO's revenue as well as aim for rational profit distribution based on a sliding wage scale system.

In determining the dividend amount, we have adopted the concept of consolidated payout ratio. For the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, we plan to set the base profit for dividends by summing 75% of consolidated net income and 25% of non-consolidated net income, and use 36% of it as the source of dividends. Going forward, we plan to reduce the distribution ratio of the source of dividends by 1% each fiscal year, while paying attention to strengthening our financial structure and stabilizing dividends, to around 35%.

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