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History of NIPRO

When was NIPRO established?
We started business by establishing “Nippon Glass Shoji Co., Ltd.” in Kyoto in July 1954.
Where does the name of “NIPRO” come from? What does “NIPRO” mean?
The name was extracted from the words of “Japan (NIppon)’s PROducts”, wishing that made-in-Japan products would prevail in the global marketplace. “Nipro Co., Ltd.” was firstly adopted by the domestic sales subsidiary handling medical devices in April 1972.
When did NIPRO go public?
Our stock was listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange in February 1987 and moved to the First Section in March 1990. It was also listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (current the Prime Market) in December 1996.

Business Activities

What are your business and main product lines?
Our business activities consist of three pillars; medical devices, pharmaceuticals and glass products. Main products we offer are artificial-organs-related products including Dialyzer (artificial kidney), injection and infusion-related products such as injection needles and catheters as medical devices, injectables, orally administred drugs and external preparations as pharmaceuticals, and medical glass products including ampoule, vial and glass materials including vacuum flasks.
What is dialysis treatment?
Dialysis treatment is a method of treatment removing waste and unwanted water from the blood by filtration when renal function declines extremely for any reason.
There are two methods of Dialysis treatment; one is “Hemodialysis” that the blood is sent to dialysis equipment called “Dialyzer” which eliminates waste products from blood and the filtered blood returns to the body, and the other is “Peritoneal dialysis” that the blood is purified by injecting dialysate solution through catheter tube inserted into abdomen.
Where are domestic and overseas offices located?
Please refer to NIPRO Network [Domestic Network] and NIPRO Network [Overseas Network] for the list of domestic and overseas bases. Regarding the detail of NIPRO group companies, please go to NIPRO Network [Group Companies Overview].
Corporate Information | NIPRO Network [Demestic Network]*in Japanese only
Corporate Information | NIPRO Network [Overseas Network]
Corporate Information | NIPRO Network [Group Companies Overview]

Financial Closing

When is your fiscal year-end?
It is March 31 of each year.
When are the financial results announced?
In mid-May for year-end closing, in mid-August for first quarter closing, in mid-November for second quarter closing and mid- February for third quarter closing. Please refer to IR Calendar for the detail schedules.
IR Calendar
Where can I get the latest financial information?
Financial information is uploaded in this website after the announcements. Please refer to the summary reports of consolidation financial results and annual reports.
IR Library


Where is stock of NIPRO listed?
It is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is the security code of NIPRO?
It is 8086.
What is the unit of share transactions?
It is 100 shares.
Where can I contact about the procedure of stock transaction?
Please contact your trusting finance institution or our transfer agent, Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. Transfer Agency Department.
When is the date of right allotment and final trading date of year-end dividends and interim dividends, respectively?
For year-end dividends, the date of right allotment is March 31 and the final trading date is four business days prior that date. For interim dividends, the date of right allotment is September 30 and the final trading date is four business days prior that date.

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