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Nipro continues to develop and provide products and technologies required by people around the world, to fulfill their wishes to be healthy.

Sano Yoshihiko

Since its founding in 1954, Nipro Corporation has strived to realize its management philosophy of contributing to society through its business activities. The Company has expanded the scope of its business from medical glass products to medical devices and pharmaceutical products, in pursuit of technological innovation. Leveraging the technologies and expertise that we have accumulated over many years, the Company now offers products and technologies that meet the needs of patients and medical professionals in a wide range of fields, such as artificial organs, circulatory organs, test/diagnostic agents, injection/infusion solutions, ethical pharmaceuticals, and pharmapackaging products.

Our strongest feature is the "trinity" of the medical device, pharmaceutical, and pharmapackaging businesses, which work in unison to generate synergies in our operations.

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In the future, the Nipro Group intends to push forward with the development of more advanced products in the light of the major trends in front-line medical settings, related to treatment, prevention and health enhancement. At the same time, the Group aims to grow as a truly global comprehensive health care company that can satisfy every need of diverse people from different cultures, customs, lifestyles, age groups, etc. To these ends, I believe it is important that all our employees work in concert with suppliers and other business partners to consider how they can better contribute to medical services on a global scale and to put these ideas into practice, while obtaining the understanding of our shareholders and investors. To further advance our business, it is also necessary to establish an environment in which highly motivated individuals are given opportunities and support, and where individuals who have taken on new challenges and created value for Nipro are appropriately evaluated. The Nipro Group will proactively strive to set up a system to realize such an environment.

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The Nipro Group corporate logoNrepresents the first letter of our company name "N," as well as the symbol for infinity "∞". This logo is designed to express our aspiration for sustained growth while creating shared values with society through our business activities by supplying valuable products and technologies. In the future, the Nipro Group will remain committed to comprehensively providing products and technologies truly required from the viewpoints of both users and patients, and promoting the Nipro brand, aiming to secure the largest share of the Japanese and global markets. In doing so, we will intensify our efforts to contribute to the health of people around the world.

PresidentPresident Sano Yoshihiko

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