Corporate Information Medical Training Facility [Nipro iMEP Introduction]

NIPRO institute for MEdical Practice 'Nipro MEP'

iMEP external appearance

Contributing to medical care through training
Current advances in medical technology and the sophistication of medical devices, require increased safety in medical care and enhanced problem-solving abilities and skills of medical care personnel. As a result, we established the NIPRO institute for MEdical Practice, a professional state-of-the-art training facility for medical care personnel.
※ iMEP : institute for MEdical Practice

301/302 Training room
Lecture hall with theater style seating and capacity for 36 people.
This hall enables training participants to learn while watching live video from other training rooms, or to review what was learned using recorded footage.
Equipped with waterproof furnishings, the hall is also available for training programs which require the use of liquids.

Space available for lecture meetings and workshops with a seating capacity of up to 500 people


203/204 Training room
Simulated hospital room with 8 beds
This room can be divided into two sections using a removable wall and be used for a wide range of training programs.

201 Training room
Simulated private hospital room
Equipped an antechamber for lecturers, with an advanced simulator which can be operated remotely, the room is suitable for higher-level problem-solving training programs.


205 Training room
Training room simulating the interior of a typical traditional Japanese-style home
Equipped with a traditional Japanese-style room, kitchen, washroom, toilet, and bathroom, this space can be used for simulated training of medical and nursing care at home.

211 Training room
Training room for learning how to service dialysis machines
Participants can train to service and repair various types of Nipro dialysis machines.


Dining area exclusively for training participants (48 seats)
Training participants can spend a comfortable and relaxing time between sessions, forgetting about work for a while.

102 Training room
State-of-the-art X-ray cineangiography room
Training for X-ray fluoroscopic operations using medium-size animals can be conducted here.
The institute aims to advance the development of new medical devices and technologies with a simulated operating room equipped with the latest medical devices and facilities, as well as a wet laboratory.
Simulated hospital rooms, plus various medical simulators, provide a place for medical care personnel to participate in a variety of problem-solving training programs and acquire knowledge of the latest medical technologies.
A training room simulating the interior of a typical traditional Japanese home, enables participants to learn the entire process from acute care to home care after being discharged from a hospital.
Each training room is equipped with the latest in simultaneous recording devices, allowing participants to learn while watching live video from other training rooms, or to review what was learned using recorded footage. These videos can also be distributed online worldwide through the Web.


Access Root

Due to limited parking space, participants are encouraged to come to the institute using public transportation.

Facility overview

Nameinstitute for MEdical Practice "Nipro iMEP"
StructureReinforced concrete construction,three story building
Total floor area approximately 10,000m²
Number of training rooms17rooms
Address3023 Nojicho, Kusatsu City, Shiga 525-0055,Japan

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