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With the aim of leading global comprehensive health care company

Nipro currently offers a total product lineup related to dialysis, high-function products starting with catheters which are essential to today's advanced level of medicine, a range of the most generally used disposable medical products in each ward such as in nursing and testing, kit products which are the principal target of our cooperative development with various pharmaceutical companies, and a variety of glass products for medical and industrial use. We have developed a strong business in each of these five product genres.

Naturally, Nipro's business does not stop with these areas; the majority of our pharmaceuticals are sold to associated or cooperating pharmaceutical companies and we are seeing continuing results with artificial organs and in the new areas of tissue engineering.

Amazing advances in medicine are being made at a rapid and steady pace. Here at Nipro, our goal is to be a powerful partner and contributor to this progress. And all of it is towards the development of safer medicine and in pursuit of a better quality of life for each and every individual. Not limiting ourselves to existing genres, but actively cutting a path to new fields and beyond, Nipro continually offers innovative products to that end.

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