Code of Conduct (Mission Statement)

  • Based on the viewpoints of patients and users, three company divisions – medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical containers – work together as one in order to meet the needs at every medical site with world-leading innovative, safe and defect-free products, technologies, and businesses.
  • Promote corporate strategies based on the “Sanpo-yoshi”* concept, which seeks to benefit three parties: the company, users, and society.
  • Focus on global expansion while building a production and sales network based on the concept of “local production for local consumption” and on supporting the health of people around the world in addition to ensuring a stable supply chain.

*The “Good for Everyone” concept, or Sanpo-yoshi, is famous traditional Japanese precept in commercial fields. The idea was born in the Omi district (present Shiga Prefecture) in the late 16th century. The concept means the satisfaction among all parties concerned— the “seller,” the “buyer,” and “society.”

Management Philosophy (Vision Statement)

In looking toward our future as a truly global comprehensive medical manufacturer, we believe our current and future responsibility to society is to develop innovative, value-added products and technologies that improve patient outcomes and healthcare worldwide.

Corporate Creed (Value Statement)

The following are just some examples of how Nipro approaches every activity with “Willingness” in accordance with our Corporate Creed.

  • "Willingness" to adopt the patient’s point of view in order to provide beneficial products
  • "Willingness" to continuously develop our businesses and strive for self-actualization
  • "Willingness" to create new value worldwide through the cooperation and the self-actualization of all Nipro employees

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