At this moment, patients around the world are fighting to survive. Doctors and nurses are fighting to help keep them alive, supported by many others who are responsible for the delivery of medical care. We stand together with them all. We are acutely focused on their missions. We watch and learn, gaining insights into their needs. We listen to the voices of those on the front lines of medical care. They inspire us and drive our innovation. NIPRO strongly believes in this hands-on approach. It guides everything we do. It’s what led us to diversify into medical equipment and pharmaceuticals after starting out as a maker of medical and pharmaceutical glass products, and today extends to products for regenerative medicine and beyond. We will continue to develop our expertise and embrace novel technologies that promise to have a positive impact on patient outcomes. As we do so, we will remain true to our belief that hands-on knowledge leads to the best products. NIPRO is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of patients and families irrespective of their country, culture, age, or gender. Inspired by our employees and an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, we strive to contribute to the lives of people everywhere through innovative medical devices and medicines that help them live longer, better lives.

HISTORY-The following is a brief history of NIPRO, from its founding to today.


"Everyone's happy"

I wish you are always well filling all your days
with bright smiles.
Every moment is a gift of life.
Yes, it's a brand new morning.
No need to worry on this fine day.

When I see your sweet and pretty smile.
Yes, it brings a lovely feeling.
No need to worry just say “Hello.”

Whenever you’re happy, then it makes me
happy as well.
Always try to keep an open mind.
Yes, you’re gonna have a good time.
No need to worry just say “How do you do.”

Everyone is lovely when they smile.
Yes, it’s gonna be a good day.
No need to worry just say “Come on.”