Corporate Information Nipro's CSR Activities

Pursuing safety products and measures

Safety products

  • Single-use dialysis needle

  • Intravenous infusion
    needle equipped with
    safety mechanism

To prevent medical incidents and mishaps relating to the use of medical devices, Nipro incorporates safety measures in product design.

Universal design

In line with the basic policy of ensuring safety and ease of use for all people, Nipro is striving to design and offer products that can be used by everyone without problems, regardless of user age or ability.

Medicine tablet package (PTP sheet)

Universal PTP™features Braille-like protrusions on the external surface of the pockets containing the tablets in PTP (Press-Through Package: comprising plastic sheet and aluminum foil, for tablets and capsules). This universal design enables even vision-impaired or aged patients to identify drugs by sensing the protrusions with their finger-tips.
This PTP sheet won a Good Design Award 2005.

Eyedrop container with filter (NP container)

In recent years, as increasing attention has been paid to corneal disorders, allergies, and other problems that the preservatives contained in eyedrops may cause in the cornea and lacrimal fluid system, there is growing demand for eyedrops that contain little or no preservative. The None-preservative Multi-dose Container (NP container) enables sterile solution maintenance in the container, without preservative.
Being of the same size as generally used eyedroppers, the NP container is very small and easy to use. This universal design also focuses on nozzle visibility and bottle transparency.
This NP container won a Good Design Award 2007.

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