Corporate Information Nipro's CSR Activities

Improving the Working Environment

At Nipro, we attach great importance to creating a workplace environment in which employees can work with a sense of security, demonstrating their abilities to the fullest. We also value the employees' physical and mental health and actively support their health maintenance and enhancement. To enable employees with diverse backgrounds to proactively work with high morale and motivation, putting their respective strengths to maximum use, close attention is paid to ensuring fairness in personnel management and performance evaluation, as well as assisting the employees in achieving a good work-life balance.

Proper and valid signing and execution of employment contracts

We strive to maintain a good working environment.

  1. We conclude proper and valid employment contracts according to job descriptions.
  2. We give necessary consideration to facilitating correct understanding of the contents of employment contracts.
  3. We will not abuse the right to dismiss employees, and employees will not be subjected to one-sided, disadvantageous treatment.
  4. Part-time workers and employees working in unconventional working modes will not be subjected to inappropriate or discriminatory treatment.

Transparent, fair and objective personnel management

We strive to conduct transparent, fair and objective personnel management.

We handle personnel affairs in a transparent and fair manner. No employees will be treated in a discriminatory manner in hiring, evaluation, assignment, promotion, education, and so forth, because of their relationships with the Directors, other employees, or those who are making decisions regarding these matters.

Support to people with physical or mental disabilities

We support people with physical or mental disabilities.

We strive to promote the employment of people with physical or mental disabilities.

Objective evaluation, a favorable working environment

We strive to ensure fair and objective evaluation of employees' work performance and achievements and to create a favorable working environment.

  1. Employees' work performance and achievements are evaluated in a fair and objective manner.
  2. Improvement is constantly pursued so that each workplace remains a favorable environment in which employees can fully concentrate on their work.
  3. Part-time workers and limited-term contract workers will not be treated in an unfair or discriminatory manner.
  4. Temporary staff will be hired in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and efforts will be made to build appropriate relations with them.

Prevention and elimination of harassment

We strive to create a workplace that does not trigger harassment.

Harassment violates the human rights of affected persons and deteriorates the workplace atmosphere. Some forms of harassment are criminal offences and can even jeopardize the Company's reputation and credibility in society. We strive to prevent and eliminate harassment, observing the following:

  1. Employees will not be subjected to touching by persons of the opposite sex against their will, sexual advances, coercion into a sexual relationship, or unfair treatment due to their responses to such behavior.
  2. Employees will not be persistently reprimanded or subjected to inappropriate or insulting remarks by those in a higher position in such a way as to ignore their personal dignity.

Ensuring workplace safety and hygiene

We strive to maintain workplace safety and hygiene.

  1. We observe applicable laws and regulations and in-house rules concerning safety and hygiene. We pursue thorough safety and hygienic management, upholding as our basic principles the total elimination of work-related accidents, the prevention of diseases, and the maintenance and promotion of health.
  2. Each employee takes care to maintain and enhance his or her health and safety.
  3. We give sufficient consideration to the maintenance and enhancement of employees' physical and mental health, while making efforts to maintain and enhance a sound working environment.

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