Corporate Information Nipro's CSR Activities

Pursuing eco-friendly business approach

Enhancing environmental awareness

Nipro recognizes the importance of environmental preservation and acts conscientiously.

1:Active involvement in environmental issues is an essential part of corporate activity. We keep an eye on our potential impact on the global environment not in the manufacturing process alone, but in all aspects of our business activities. In our efforts to preserve and improve the environment, we pursue efficient use of resources and energy, reduction of waste and emissions, assessment and mitigation of the impact of our products and production process on the environment, and development and use of environmental technologies.

2:We take swift and appropriate action to alleviate any adverse impact or potential impact on the environment and to improve the environment. We also cooperate with the local community in environmental activities, and provide fair and appropriate information.

3:To help reduce environmental burden we promote recycling, lights-off and other conservation activities that can easily be done on a daily basis.

Promoting environmental management

Nipro promotes various activities at its offices and factories to reduce burdens on the global environment. Recognizing environmental conservation as a key issue, each and every worker is actively involved in eco-friendly initiatives, such as conservation and reuse of resources, and energy-saving campaigns for lighting and air-conditioning systems.

  • Paperless office (digitizing documents for internal use, eliminating meeting handouts etc.)
  • Reduction of paper and other waste
  • Recycling of resources at factories
  • Energy conservation at offices (maintaining air-conditioning pre-set temperatures at 28°C for cooling and 20°C for heating)
  • Ensuring waste separation and recycling

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