Corporate Information Nipro's CSR Activities

Contributing to society

Assistance to disaster-stricken areas

Appearance of charity bazaar

Nipro provides assistance to areas affected by earthquake, tsunami and other disasters by giving its products for free, donating money raised from its employees and business partners, and participating in charity bazaars organized by employee volunteers.

Greenery promotion fund-raising initiative

Fund-raising of green System

Nipro introduced a system in which the vending machine in the company cafeteria is used to raise and donate money for greenery promotion. The company donates to the Osaka Green Trust one percent of the proceeds from beverage sales via the beverage manufacture.

Community clean-up campaign

Appearance of cleanup activity

We participate in clean-up campaigns held around our offices and factories, to help keep the local community clean.

Environmental conservation project

Appearance of cleanup activity

Nipro runs the water quality and biological survey at the Wolf River with any companies based in the Konan region of Shiga Prefecture.To aim at enlivening a community we interact with people from the different type of business, other companies and the local children.We will continue to contribute to the environmental conservation of Biwako, the birthplace of Nipro.

Blood donations at business sites

Appearance of blood donation

As a corporation involved in medical care, Nipro holds yearly blood donation programs at its offices and factories. For such support of blood donation drives, Nipro has received awards of merit from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Governor of Osaka.

PET bottle cap collection campaign

Collected PET bottle cap

Nipro joins the campaign to collect PET bottle caps to fund vaccines for world children. Through recycling of these caps, CO2 emissions are reduced. This drive not only contributes to environmental protection; the proceeds from selling the caps to recycling manufacturers are donated to charitable organizations and used to fund vaccination of children in developing countries.

Aluminum can collection program

We collect used aluminum cans to use the proceeds to buy and donate wheelchairs. This program helps conserve resources and also serves as a social welfare activity.

Donation of used stamps

Collected stamp

We collect used stamps from the mails sent to our offices and employees' homes and donate these stamps to the Japan Overseas Christian Medical Cooperative Service (JOCS). The proceeds from used stamp sales help fund the dispatching of health care workers overseas.

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