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DDS relations(Pharmaceutical combination products)

Nipro offers not only drugs packaged in ampoules and vials but also convenient combination products, such as double bags for ophthalmic solution that do not require much effort to mix drugs with solution. 
The company is also seeking to produce high-value-added pharmaceuticals, improving the persistence of drug efficacy and devising ways to prevent medical accidents.

Double Bags

  • New bag-type combination product combining powdered drug and dissolving solution.
  • Compact design allows mixing by pressing on the solution chamber.
  • Contract manufacturing for combination product with pharmaceutical companies.
  • PLW has the design which reduces risks of medical malpractice by preventing administration before mixing medication.

Pre-filled Syringes

  • This combination product has the medication pre-filled in the syringe.
  • There are a variety of dosages and forms to match the characteristics of the medication pre-filled in the syringe.
  • In addition to providing pre-filled syringes as components, contract manufacturing of finished products is possible.

Double-Chamber Pre-filled Syringes

This is a use-time dissolution type double-chamber pre-filled syringe.

Half-type Kits

  • This combination product has double-ended needle .
  • Offers faster processing and easier handling than conventional methods.
  • Designed with the inlet on top and outlet for the IV infusion on the bottom in order to eliminate the need for multiple needle punctures to rubber septum resulting in reduced leakage and coring.

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