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Notes on Inquiries
  • Inquiries are acceptable only in Japanese or English. We also use Japanese or English for replies.
  • Personal information, including the name, email address, postal address, telephone & fax numbers that you have entered in this form, may be used to provide announcements and other publicity information from us or to contact you, as well as to reply to your inquiry.
  • Depending on its content, it may take several days to respond to an inquiry. Also, we may not be able to deal with certain kinds of inquiries.
  • Our reply to an inquiry should be used by the inquirer only. It is not allowed to make use of the whole or part of our reply for other purposes or secondary use.
  • If you are not of legal age to consent to the handling of personal information in the country where you reside, obtain the consent or permission of your parent or guardian before making an inquiry.
  • As for the handling of personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

(We are unable to answer your inquiries if you do not agree to all of the above terms.)

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