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Efficiency born from our top share and from our overall system gives us the worldwide lead in dialysis therapy

The reason that Nipro's dialyzers hold one of the most leading manufacturers in the world market is, more than anything else, due to their superior efficacy in substance removal and their biocompatibility, as well as their gentleness on the patient. This naturally includes the removal of β2-microglobulins, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome often found in long-term dialysis patients, as well as the separation of uremic toxins from the high molecular weight albumin proteins and the lowering of side-effects such as itching and pain. The change in the marker elements that are a measure of biocompatibility is extremely low as well, and, in addition, our products possess other special characteristics that are world-renowned. Furthermore, a major feature in Nipro dialyzers is based on our proprietary technology which insures that no blood remains in the dialyzer after dialysis.

Nipro does not pause in its plans for technological innovation. Through the overall development and supply of various systematized devices, equipment, and medicine related to dialysis, we work to lessen the load on both the patients and the medical staff, and we do our utmost to realize a safer and more effective dialysis treatment. The improvement of the treatment method is one more goal. In regard to needle puncture, current blood access methods carry a great burden on both patients and medical personnel. Currently, more than anyone else we are advancing the development of safer and painless button-hole type devices. We are also advancing towards dialyzers with even higher functionality through products that can completely control the leakage of albumin, through new hemodiafiltration methods such as an enhanced internal filtration dialyzer, and a composite dialysis membrane which is completely new and different from any product seen before.

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