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Responding to the various issues of high-level contemporary medical care through development of new leading-edge materials and new functionality

Starting with IVR (Interventional Radiology) intravascular treatment under rentogenography, modern medicine can approach organs and other tissue directly through the blood vessels, putting the least possible load on the patient, and this has brought about the introduction, one-by-one, of safe and effective medical treatments along this very line.

The catheters and other devices that are indispensable to such treatment often need to be left indwelled in the patient's vein for extended periods so, while there is a natural need for biocompatibility, it is also important that they be antithrombogenic, drug resistant, have a moderate rigidity in addition to flexibility, and that they possess the high functionality and efficiency appropriate to the specific need.

The prevention of infection when infusing drug solutions and infusion fluid via catheters is another major problem. Nipro uses to advantage its independent position in considering just such issues and we are already moving ahead with innovations in material technology, the development of functionally advanced products, and more.

In addition to products such as the subcutaneous implant-type CATHETER ACCESS (reservoir) for intra-arterial chemotherapy in liver cancer which was first marketed in Japan, Nipro offers a veritable lineup of devices related to intra-arterial insertion therapies starting from such items as our antithrombogenic catheters, our CORELESS NEEDLES for reservoir use which boast an overwhelming market share, all the way to our portable continuous microinfusion pumps. We also offer antithrombogenic parenteral catheters, as well as new material products that contain no DEHP [Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate], a suspected environmental endocrine disrupter.

The demand for our infusion lines, which connect to these other products and which are capable of completely preventing bacterial contamination through our exclusive sealing mechanism, has increased rapidly.

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