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Proposing new systems for safety and reliability in order to lower the load on medical personnel

By making medical devices disposable, the number of incidences of patients being infected has been greatly reduced. Even then, the complete elimination of needlestick injuries and miss-dosage of drugs, and the absolute guarantee of greater safety for medical personnel and patients have become major issues. The consideration of environmental problems caused by medical waste is also something that must be addressed. At Nipro, we are in the forefront of the prevention of needlestick and miss-connection incidents and are bringing out more and more unique products that can help to maintain a truly safe system. We have taken the initiative in the development and utilization of new materials and devices that are friendly both to people and the environment. And, as only Nipro can, we develop and offer various products for in-vitro diagnosis as well as testing equipment, and which enable faster and more accurate diagnosis and labor-saving during testing.

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