Corporate Information History

1994-2003: Expansion of Injection Kits

During this period, Nipro accelerated its global business expansion by establishing business bases in quick succession, such as in China, Brazil, the United States and Singapore. In 1996, the company was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company focused on the research & development of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, and also developed infusion kits in succession, by combining its technologies.

1994 The company acquired Hishiyama Pharmaceutical Corporation as a subsidiary. The company also launched half kits.
Nipro (Shanghai) Co., LTD. was established in China.
Nipro Medical LTDA.
The company launched integrated kits.
Nipro Medical LTDA. was established in Brazil.
1996 Nipro Medical Corporation was established in the U.S.
The company was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1997 The company launched sodium hyaluronate prefilled syringes.
Nisho Nipro Asia PTE LTD (current Nipro Asia PTE LTD) was established in Singapore.
Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories
The Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories was constructed in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture.
The company acquired capital in Makino Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (its corporate name was changed to Nissho Drug Co., Ltd. in the same year).
2001 The company changed its corporate name to Nipro Corporation. The Store Section was spun off to Nissho Corporation.
Hishiyama Pharmaceutical Corporation Odate Plant
(currently Nipro Pharma Corporation Odate Plant)
Hishiyama Pharmaceutical Corporation Odate Plant was constructed.
The company began the contract manufacturing of prefilled syringes for dialysis.
2003 Hishiyama Pharmaceutical Corporation changed its name to Nipro Pharma Corporation.
Nipro Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in China.

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