Corporate Information History

1974-1983: Expansion of the Medical Device Business

In this period, Nipro shifted its focus to the medical business, with an emphasis on dialyzers (artificial kidneys). At first, Nipro manufactured coil dialyzers, and then was one of the first companies in Japan to begin manufacturing hollow fiber dialyzers. From this time, the company has been serving the needs of many patients in need of hemodialysis. The company also opened the Technological Development Center (currently Research and Development Center) in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, and the Odate Plant in Odate, Akita Prefecture. Thus, an integrated manufacturing system was established, from research & development to the production of medical devices.

1974 Nipro Medical Industries CO., LTD. began manufacturing disposable syringes and coil dialyzers.
1975 The company began manufacturing blood tubing, infusion kits and hollow fiber dialyzers.
1976 The company began manufacturing vacuum blood collection tubes and catheters.
Technological Development Center (currently Research and Development Center)
The company changed its corporate name to Nissho Cooperation.
Technological Development Center (current Research and Development Center) was established in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture.
1978 The company began the joint development of cellulose acetate hollow fiber membranes with a major material manufacturer.
Odate Plant
Nipro Odate Plant was built in Odate, Akita Prefecture.
1983 The company began supplying dialyzers and related products to a major medical device distributor in the United States.
The company also started manufacturing medical rubber stoppers.

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